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Now i think its safe to assume that if your reading my blog that your fond of beer and as a result know what Untappd is. if you don’t its a social network for those who like beer, basically you say what beer you drank, where you drank it and how you would rate. usually with a stupid photo, of the last one may just be me. so if you’d like to hear my ramblings about some other beers feel free to join me.


Liverpool Craft Love lane


So today we continue our look at the beers of Liverpool Craft beer, this follows on from the highest rated beer we’ve ever reviewed (here) and surprisingly our lowest ever (here), both of which come from this brewery. i’ve also said that this is my one of my favourite brewerys in liverpool, that being said though we dont have too many brewiers up here on the banks of the mersey. this beer has often become my default beer in my local and something i recommend everyone try.

Vital stats:

  • pale ale
  • brewed in Liverpool, England
  • 4.5% APV
  • drank on draft from the grapes liverpool


in the glass this beer was golden and very active, almost as active as a five year old hopped up on artifical colours, it also had a bold and bombastic two finger head that clunge tot he glass for dear life throughout the life of this beer.



This beer also delivers on the nostril, it was bold, packed full of citrus and incredibly hoppy.



To say i like this beer would not be doing it justice, when i first had it it quickly entered my top 10 and may have rekindled my love for the pale ale. the flavour of this beer explodes in the mouth with just the right hit of bitterness.

I love this beer. Its one of my go to beers.



This beer get a solid buy from me, i bought it, i enjoyed it and would happily buy it again.



This is a great session beer, ive been known to drink it all night with zero problems. i also recommend it to who ever will listen.


In conclusion this is a solid beer from Liverpool craft. it looks fantastic, is great on the noise, delivers on the flavour and you can drink it all night long. yes i did just do that. i naturally consider it great value for money and would highly recomend it to anyone who will listen.


Craft Liverpool rye pale ale


So we continue our look at the beers of the Liverpool craft brewery, after the truly stellar beer that was their west coast pale ale (review) comes their Rye pale ale. To say these two contrast would be a huge understatement, im a fan of the rye pale ale, i actively seek it out and have been trying to review as many of them as possible recently but this left we with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Vital stats:

  • brewed in liverpool
  • a rye pale ale
  • available in Keg/Cask/Bottle
  • bought at brewdog liverpool
this beer was cloudly and looked like apple juice in the glass, it also had no head to speak of and it was very flat. if im honest ive made homebrew that looked quite similiar, but i am adversed to filtering my beer as i like to bottle ferment. this beer was not bottle fermented so they cant even use that as an excuse for this horrid looking beer. this looks more a kin to a glass of scrummpy than a pale ale.
delivered nothing, so i have nothing to say.
on the tongue though this does at least offer something, you do get a kick of rye and a hit of citrus but not much, shame there both buried quite deep down. im really struggling with this beer im not going to lie, im trying so hard to find things to say.
As i said in my previous review i consider Liverpool craft to be one  of my top brewerys and this beer is just a shame, they make two of my favourite beers (more on the second later), if i see one of their beers on tap im likely to pick it up but i can honestly say i didnt enjoy this beer in any way, sure i can find some good things to say, if i look hard enough and believe me im looking pretty damn hard because i dont want this to be true but i cant recommend this to anyone.
to top it off the Flavour of this beer doesn’t travel too well, the more you drink the more bitter it becomes, perhaps its feeding the bitterness in my soul but each mouthful of this was worse than the last.
this beer was a huge disappontment for me especially as their last beer was so great and the beer to come is one of my go to beers. this looked like homemade cider only without any real aroma. what little taste their was bitter and overpowering, all of these factors mean that this isnt good value for money and i cant call this a very good session beer. a true shame.


rexfeatures_2975065avSo today someone sent me an interesting article concerning weatherspoons, well i say interesting, what i really mean is strange because lets be honest there is nothing interesting about weatherspoons, if weatherspoons was to have its own colour it would be egg shell white, we all know its white but there desperately trying to be “cool” and “edgy” so they invent this whole new colour just because.

so the article in question was in vice and it was about a women who wants to visit every single weatherspoons in the country, i mean how much do you not wish to meet this women, i think my personal idea of hell would be having dinner with this women in a weatherpoons, eating their bland currys that have been microwaved to within an inch of its life.

so i decided to write about this because honestly it has some beautiful and truly wonderful quotes.

There’s a unique atmosphere in Wetherspoons on weekday mornings. Without music or the bustle of a busy evening, the pub I’m in feels remarkably still, the silence only broken by the occasional plod of pint glass on table.

yeah the atmosphere of desperation.

“Well, I’m retired now,” Mags explains, “which is good, because this is basically a full-time job. But before I retired I was a personal secretary, and I organised trips for my bosses, so I suppose that helps. To make a trip worthwhile, I need to visit at least seven Wetherspoons.”

“At first we’d go on holiday, and wherever we went we’d look for Wetherspoons pubs,” she says. “But then we turned it round – we looked to see where the Wetherspoons pubs were and hooked the holiday around that.”

i think i’ll stick to lanzorette personally

Now i admire Mags eccentric nature, i’d like to think i’m very similiar but honestly the way Vice have written this they make her out to be some kind of hero, Vice you better than that, personally i smell some advertising money from weatherspoons because this is a puff piece if i ever saw one.

if you’d like to read the puff piece yourself, you can here

Oranjeboom: The review

The danger of the beer enthusiast at Christmas is that you get more beer than you can drink, although I hate the word in enthusiast because who isn’t one at five o’clock on a Friday when they’ve just finished the work week. So not only do my parents and family get me really weird beers but they also seem to get me weird beers from far away lands. This is how I got this particular beer, it hails from the Netherlands and as far as I can tell is not currently available for purchase in the uk. So let’s get into this pilsner from the land of orange.


Vital statistics:


  • Brewed in the Netherlands
  • 5% APV
  • pilsner
  • comes in 500ml can




It was golden brown; I hope it has a texture like some. If you don’t get that reference, we cant be friends. It had a massive volumous head that struggled to be contained by the glass. Somewhat lively in the glass, this is going to score quite highly from me.




That aroma that we have come to expect from pilsners is all present, it also has that distive dutch larger smell, if your wondering what that is pick up a heinikein or Amstel,they all smell the same. I personally think it’s the water in the Netherlands.




Now these dutch beers normally do it for me, they usually make my tongue dance and pulse, sadly though this one is not doing it for me in any way. Its somehow bitter and sweet at the same time and it makes it very sickly, this coupled with the high alcohol level just puts me off this.




I have no idea how much this was and im too afraid to ask because it was a Christmas present, I’m going to apply some simple logic to it and ask if I would buy this in the pub? The answer to that one is no, if I had a choice of beers this one would rank rather low on the list of drinks I would want to drink.




That sickly sweet taste ruins the whole experience, its present though out that drink and as a result this beer does not session well.



in conclusion this beer started out so promising thanks to its solid looks and aroma, sadly it was not to last though because it all goes down hill, as the taste which is the biggest factor let this beer down in a big way. This lack of taste would sadly affect both the value and session scores insuring that I cant recommend this beer.




whats in a name: nanny state

Brewdog is known for two things, being bat shit insane when it come to marketing and high APV beers with huge flavour. We all know about the beer served in a taxidermied Qquirrel, we all know that they have the beer with the largest APV content ever but what may shock you is that they are also very capable of producing very low APV beer.

one of Brewdogs more surprising beers is called nanny state, its a 1.1% lager because if it was any less, it would start to venture into the world of non alcoholic beer, its called nanny state  because the Scottish government was trying to ban one of Brewdogs higher APV beers, Tokyo which clocked in at 18.2%. So nanny state fits perfectly in with Brewdogs idea that they are fighting the man, so its called Nanny state purely because the brewery feels that the government are interfering too much in peoples lives and nannying them and they should be allowed to drink what they want.

when asked about nanny state Richard McLelland, the firm’s sales director, said today: ”We are very responsible retailers. People in the UK want to buy beer based on flavour not on alcohol content and BrewDog creates bold, dramatic, flavoursome beers.

Black wych: the review


This was also done with the two previous beers i reviewed a long long time ago, i was going through a dark beer phase it appears, this will be the last one for a couple of reviews, i have a couple of pale ales coming up after this i believe, it is summer after all and i don’t really drink dark beers in the summer. so with out any further ado lets get this review under way.

Vital stats:

  • dark ale
  • 5% APV
  • brewed in England
  • bought from Morrisons
  • @marstonsbeer


This beer was off colour black, although upon closer scrutiny, and by closer scrutiny i mean i continued to sit on my bottom and held it up to the light, it was closer to brown in colour. this coupled well with a white bubbly head.



it was Sweet, Hoppy, well rounded out with slight hints of both Caramel and toffee. a superb example of the form and made me salivate at the thought of what was to come.



it had a strong Malt flavour with undertones of Caramel. was like a shot in the mouth in terms of flavour with a strange sensation on the tongue, it was very nice in the mouth but was sadly let down by a very strange aftertaste that lingered just a little too long in the mouth.



this beer was very nice to start with but became more and more off putting with each additional bottle, this is a single bottle rather than a six pack beer.



this beer was of good value, i wouldn’t go out of my way to get a six pack of it but ultimately it can be had for a very reasonable price and i think a single bottle is well worth a try.


this is a strange beer, that has taken me an obscene amount of time to review, its a solid tasting beer, with a rich aroma and good value for money but you could never drink a second bottle of this and thats a shame. this is a pick up and try beer rather than a session beer. this beer offered so much promise at first but sadly failed to deliver and as a result scores a very average score.