Pokemon Soul Silver: I’ve known you all your life, tell me your name.

So after 10 years Nintendo decided it was high time they remade what many consider to be the best Pokémon games gold and silver. These games were originally released on the game boy colour and have now been updated for the Ds this involves a graphics overhaul and generally some game tweaks but is this a re-imagining or shameless money making scheme? Here are my thoughts on it.
I remember these games being released on the game boy colour all those years ago and me being a huge Pokémon fan but I was unable to play them due to my being poor. I never played them originally as by the time I had a steady job and was able to afford them the next games in the series came along so these games for me aren’t about nostalgia they are about visiting a region of the Pokémon world that I never visited or Nintendo has visited since.
The graphics on this games are colourful and quirky but you get the sense that they aren’t really trying very hard. This is the best looking Pokémon game to date but I really don’t think the ds is being pushed that much. Many of the animations have been seen on previous games and while there is some new detail there isn’t really much here to attract the eye. A lot of the art in this game is also very old, I mean it feels like I’ve been looking at the same grass and same building since the gameboy’s day and no matter how much they improve it or gimmicks they inject into the game (3D anyone) this is still just a re-skinned game boy game.
Despite the problems I have graphically with this title lets be honest, when was Pokémon ever about the graphics? Pokémon is about the gameplay and the Pokémon themselves and here the makers of this game have done a Stella job of writing a story and by write I mean copy and paste from Pokémon blue/red. This is almost identical to the previous games in the series: boy leaves town, battles many people, get 8 gym badges, go to poke league and defeats an evil organisation hell bent on world domination along the way. I understand that this is the world that it’s set in but could you at least offer me some variety please? Something different, something I’ve never done before. That while the story made be old hat there is still something comforting about it, it’s like that security blanket that you had when you were young that you’d wrap yourself up in; it makes you feel safe, you know exactly what’s going to happen but you’re ok with it and that for some reason is strangely compelling.
The other most notable feature of Pokémon has got to be the Pokémon themselves. At this present moment in time there are close to 500 hundred Pokémon and I for one think this is about 250 too many. They’ve used the idea of more Pokémon to hide the shallowness of their games and the fact that we’ve been playing the same game over and over again for almost 15 years now. The fun of these games is in exploring the land and the different Pokémon but when you have so many it becomes more of a chore and one long grind to reach that mythical limit.
The number of Pokémon is not the only place they have indulged in a bit of over complication they seem to have done this is the sheer number of HM’s. I now this is properly unique to me but enough is enoughThey are annoying and you need them to go anywhere of any importance in the world and this over use of them just adds to my frustration levels. This is not my only annoyance with the game, the lack of environments present in the game really shows how old it actually is. The later Pokémon games have incorporated show, volcanoes and marshland while this game has the same three territories: sea grass and rocks. Oh joy! Another rock and another tree! Lastly in my list of annoyances is the sound design, it’s annoying and I have to leave the game on mute and it’s not just this game, it’s all Pokémon, this can’t be the best that the DS can do, can it?
Despite this game’s many faults and, I’ve listed just a few of them, I still can’t stop playing it. Pokémon is Pokémon and they say love is blind and I love Pokémon. This is a absolutely must have for any Pokémon and although it is a lot like being punished trying to get to 500 Pokémon I will get there and I’ll be so happy when I do. Despite my undying love for Pokémon and all the games so far I can’t help but look at the next one with a little fear. They’re going to add more Pokémon, more areas and more challenges and at what point does Pokémon become too complicated for non-hardcores to play?

Viewtiful Joe review

When i started project backlog for new year, the backlog was not the only reason that i decided to undertake this project, one of the main reasons i decided to undertake this project was to stick a foot up my arse and finally get me blogging on a more regular basis and recently this has been very successful but that is no doubt due to me having a lot more time on my hands. Which brings me in a round about way to what this blog is all about, one day i may do a blog post without this woffle at the beginning but sadly for you that days is not today. Those of you who read my blog and i have it on good authority that at least one person does will recall that recently i reviewed what can only be described as a hidden gem in my game collection and that was area 51 (review here)and now a game i didn’t forget about but simply moved on from and that is Viewtiful Joe. This is a delightful game that i discovered while in college almost eight years ago, damn I’m getting old. How i discovered this game is a rather delightful story that i think may be going the way of the dodo as like many other retail industries games simply going to become bits and bytes are downloaded. by my college i used to there used to be a independent game store and at the back of this shop they used to have this massive 50 inch television at the back of the shop where they demoed the game of the week. When i was doing my computer degree me and some friends used to go and grab a subway and then go and play this game of the week. On one faithful afternoon the game of the week just happened to be Viewtiful joe and i played that game so much on this faithful afternoon that me and my classmates were actually late for are programming class. This was a long time ago and at the time Viewtiful joe a Gamecube exclusive and because i happen to be the biggest Mario and pokemon fan off all time i did indeed own a Gamecube. A wonderful small cube of a console that i think looks wonderfully quirky and was rather underrated in my opinion but then a console needs games and other than Nintendo there wasn’t much in the way of them. So after i had spent my much earn lunch break playing this game i went back that night and put my very hard earned money down and bought this wonderful game. I off course played this game a lot and got quite far into it but off course abandoned it and put it into the wardrobe uncompleted and thats because although its beautiful it is painfully difficult. That was until project backlog brought this game back into my life and now I’m going to review it for you my faithful reader.

The graphics on this game are wonderfully japanese and harp back to a much simpler time, these graphics would not look out of place on a saturday morning cartoon and by that i mean they are colorful, bright and wonderfully childlike and they just seem to warm you up. Although this game is nearly 8 years old it has aged well and still looks rather good and this is all down to its style of graphics. this graphical style is wonderful and fills me with such wonderfully warm feelings, the idea that all games have to be hyper realistic and have real world looking character models is a new one because right up till the ps2 more cartoony graphics were the order of the day and i think the world of gaming has suffered as a result. As game developers have strived to make there game more and more realistic they have only hindered the games replay value in my opinion, something i think they are too concerned about because this fact lets them release constant rehashes of the same game over and over again on consecutive generations of games consoles. The more colorful some would say immature nature of this games graphics lend themselves so well to his game. This game pitches itself as a comic book style game with much of the game taking place inside the fictional world of a boys imagination but more on the story later.

The graphics are not the only area of this game to take its cues from the retro gaming scenes and old school movies. The gameplay has also been very heavily influenced by what has been before it. This game spends much of its time in a pseudo 2d, What i mean by this is the game play is very much a 2d platformer with cues from mario and sonic but unlike those games objects in the foreground are accessible and actually change the gameplay somewhat, for example waterfalls will fill a room up if you speed up time and water drops will increase in size if you slow down time but more on this later. I think the easiest way to describe the 2d style of this game is for you to imagine a rubix cube, I know i know its a rather strange thing to ask but just bear with me there is a point to this. like the old school 2d beat em ups that have gone before this game requires you to dispose of the enemy before you can progress on through the level but unlike those game before which merely show an arrow the whole level rotates just like a rubix cube, see what i did there. So this game occupies a dimension somewhere between 2d and 3d which many titled 2.5d.

Other than the 2d beat em up old school gameplay their is another huge part of to Viewtiful Joes game play and that is the use of time. The use of time was very popular mechanic when Viewtiful Joe was first released all those years ago and like some other aspects of this game it has fallen out of favor with the gaming public who no doubt consider it lazy and unimaginative to use it rather than think up something new, I am off course kidding that is my own interpretation because as we are constantly being reminded by those who don’t understand gaming we are all immature children who laugh at the word penis, hehe he just said penis. The time mechanic allows you to speed up and slow down time and each is used differently throughout the game to help you advance. Slowing down time for example allows you to see bullets and fire them back at your enemy disabling them while speeding up allows you hit multiple enemies at once a very handy feature if your outnumbered i think you’ll agree. This time mechanic doesn’t just allow you too defeat your enemies it also has an effect on your surrounding environment, A fan will spin either slower or faster depending on which time power you activate for example. This time mechanic and it effects on the environment really helped the game developers to think up some rather imaginative puzzles and this is the part of the game that is truly challenging. lets be honest a 2d side scrolling beat em up is nothing new it has been done for years and i hope for one that it will be done for many more years to come but their is a tendency for the gameplay to get a little stale and this is why the puzzles are necessary, puzzles in games are somewhat of a tightrope though in my opinion. You have to include them but you can’t make them too difficult for the gamers or they get frustrated and quit the game but you cant make them to easy either or the gamers will get bored at the lack of challenge. This is a line that the game designer of viewiful joe have worked with absolute precision, they have created puzzles that challenge without frustration, these puzzles break up the gameplay and allow you to get a much needed break from the constant button bashing and stop the game becoming too overly repetitive.

The story of viewtiful is a rather simple affair and i like to describe it as the last action hero but in reverse, Now for those of you who don’t know what the last action hero is and i shutter to think who that might actually be but alas you are talking to a boy who has never seen indiana jones and thinks he has left it far to late to watch it now. The last action hero is an Arnold swazzenger film about a film action star who is sucked out of the world of make believe into the real world while until the initial conclusion were all is fine. viewtiful joe is a similar premise but in reverse in that rather than being sucked out of the film joe is sucked into the film after his girlfriend is kidnapped, What follows is joe fighting to rescue his girlfriend and save the world one cell shaded level at a time. The story is a rather simple affair and has been done a lot before but its an easy story to do and won’t facilitate any real complaints from gamers, so ill let the laziness go because I’m not that offend by it.

Now i played this game on the gamecube and although it came out on the playstation after some time its was originally designed to be an exclusive for the gamecube. This shows in the games controls which i would just to say are absolutely stunning and perfectly mapped to the gamecube controller, This is no doubt due to the game being designed with the gamecube in mind and was only ported to the playstion due to small sales. this game because of its simple concept has very little need for all buttons on the gamecube controller and as a result the z button and the yellow c thumbstick are just mirrors of other button functions. Most of the games commands can be undertaken with very little movement on the controller and the games responsiveness is just spectacular when switching from one ability to the other, its like cutting butter with a hot knife. They are simple stunning and elevate this game from good to excellent in my opinion.

This game has some wonderfully quirky touches to round out what i have already stating is a rather excellent game. The characters who use guns having cowboy hats, the tornado characters wearing tutus and the way the game ask me every time i pause it if I’m having a one or a two only add to the theatrics of the this game and show that their tongue is placed firmly in cheek. These little quirks are just part of it with viewtiful joe, with every aspect of this game having a larger than life feel with some of the most original end bosses i have ever encounted. this games shows a level of polish and thought that some games only wish they could aspire too.

Viewtiful joe has quirky and fun gameplay and with graphics that have held the test of time despite its being nearly 8 years old, an excellent control system and and brilliantly thought out time mechanic and just a general tongue in cheek attitude towards the game means i can highly recommend viewtiful joe to all gamers who enjoy a fun yet challenging game, although i will give you one word of advice and that is don’t even attempt to play this game on hard because you will contemplate murder of something very cute and adorable. like a baby for example. So you have been warned now go out and get this game, you can pick it up fairly cheaply on amazon for both the ps2 and gamecube so you have no excuses really just get ready to lose a whole weekend with its endless and infectious gameplay.

Area 51 review, yet more project backlog.

Thq is a very strange developer that I use to have a lot of respect for in the last generation of gaming. Towards the end of the last generation they were making some the best games that had hit the platform games like destroy all aliens, psychonauts and area 51 to name just a few. While some of these games where successful enough to justify sequels some of their most interesting games where not but thq is just happy to let these amazing games die a slow and horrible death. Psychnauts and destroy all human where a huge critical success for thq and I guess they felt that this would allow them not to support future titles hoping that word of mouth would be enough to sell these titles and it a less hardcore present that is gaming industry that is just not a good strategy, with zero support offered to these games it was inevitable that they and their sequels where never going to garner the success of some of their more well publicised rivals. They could garner far more eyes and garner far more success despite their lesser quality and in some chases lack of originality because let’s face it 90 percent of the human race are mindless sheep who will follow the bright lights of an ad campaign rather than try something new and interesting. The lack of success that has been witnessed by these sequels coupled with the monumental failure that was home front will make thq far less likely to take risks. This means that some of thq fantastically quirky titles may never see the light of day and yet they will keep making stupid titles like Barbies horse adventure because they make money and are very easy to replicate again and again. This will effectively turn thq into just another activision with its constant rehashes of guitar hero and call of duty. I can’t be the only one who wished to see more valves and blizzards in the world of gaming, these are companies that make very few games but every game they make has a huge amount of shine and polish to them and as a result they sell in bucket loads of games and by a strange turn of events they also make a lot of money. They sell lots of games because gamer associate them with quality and fun and I’m fearful that if thq continues down this road they may lose any chance of selling game to hardcore gamer because will associate them with a lack of quality. This has happened before, ET anyone? And if thq keep going down this road I fear that they are going down a hole they may struggle to get out of.

Which brings me to the joyous fact of what this blog is all about and that is my review of one of the best first person shooter I have played in a while and that is area 51 for the Xbox. This is a very typical first person shooter but it has some interesting twists and a story that you just have to keep playing in order to find out what happens next. Although it does nothing new it does the familiar right, as I have stated on earlier blogs new and innovation are not that important for me as long as I can have fun playing my games.

I do like the way that area 51 one decides to tell its story, it doesn’t rely on cut scenes but instead opts screenshots and indirect methods to tell its story. For example if one of the characters is talking about an attack they will show you surveillance footage of the said soldiers being attacked. This like many of this games features are not exactly new with many other games most notably half life 2 doing this but I find it a wonderful technique and wished more games did it. While much of the game is told through these indirect moments there are also very atmospheric cut scenes and rather chilling moments were corpses come to life to fill in some of the story. The cut scenes that take place in between the levels have no video footage shown but tell the story through the main characters voiceover. I like this as its gives a great atmosphere to the game. It also allowed me to fill in the gabs in the story in my own mind. There not enough emphasis put on imagination anymore and I for one thinks this is such a shame because there is nothing better than when you fill in the gabs in your own mind, it leads to speculation to debate and usually means a far more fulfilling than story than anything the authors can create. Just look at some of the most popular franchises of all time star wars and star trek those franchises have survived the test of time because there fans have took there original premises and built upon them and expanded them to include all areas of life in that universe, This was only possible because the creator didn’t try to answer every single question rationally allowing us to fill in the gaps. I know I know that star wars tried to do this but let’s not talk about the prequels I wish to never talk about them ever again but I am going to write a blog post very soon on star wars. How you tell the stories is one thing but a far more important factor is the story that they tell. The story of area 51 is rather standard to be honest a virus has broken out in area 51and a team must go in to ensure that its contained, can anyone say quake. Yes I know it’s not very original but it’s still a good story and the fine voice acting and excellent way of telling it more than make up for it. This added to the several twists that occur during the story, the first involving your mutation followed and then the inclusion of the illuminatie makes this every conspiracy theorists wet dream.

The graphics on this game are ok, they are not good but they’re not bad. Not much attention has been paid to the environments in this games and that is undoubutly due to its area 51 one setting because let’s be honest military bases aren’t exactly known for the amazingly ornate architecture; they are built for a purpose and as a result are very dull. Were the game designers have put a lot of time and attention into is character design. The level of detail in the main protagonist and his enemy is amazing and I swear that when they talk I can see emotion in their eyes but maybe that just something that I have done because of the level of detail. Another way that the games designers have made you feel empathy for the characters is by having them voiced by real actors, most noticeable David ducovny from the x-files. Although this is all the range at the moment back when this game was released this was something new and rather groundbreaking and adds credence to this being a blockbuster game. The in game graphics are something else for an Xbox anyway and although the ps3 and Xbox 360 will offer you more they are a lot more expensive and games on those consoles shall not be part of project backlog for a while. The character designs on the other hands are well thought out and believable, like most genres of entertainment in the world there’s always the danger of making your characters unnecessary ridiculous therefore ruining any credence and belief of these characters being based in the real world. This is a very important aspect of characters in anything because if they are believable then it just makes the story more engaging. If you find the characters unbelievable or farcical then you are less likely to engage thankfully this is something that area 51 has done right leading to a rather engaging story.

While the environmental detail is there the designer were unfortunately constrained by the setting of the game however the designers were not so constrained when it came to alien technology. This is a dazzling light display and is so intricately designed that the first time I saw it I stopped in amazement, it looks very similar to the new craptastic Indiana Jones but because this was made quite a while before that film maybe thq should think of suing. The alien ships are not the only delightfully colourful in this game the alien weaponry is also a visual delight. Each weapon is flourishing blue and the accompanying notice is bone chilling, this contrast between the alien world and the human world is evident throughout all of area 51. It portrays the humans in this game in many different ways but at its core we are all manipulative and self obsessed and are responsible for our own demise. The aliens on the other hand are help up on a pedestal. Although they are the source of the virus ravishing the base they are not the ones responsible for it. The aliens are also never seen in this game making them a rather interesting mystery and the way the game portrays them as better than human also interest me. I hope this will be explained in the sequel which I now intend to get.

The game play in area 51 is your usual first person shooter affair you run you shoot and kill the increasing number of enemies. I know it doesn’t sound very original but let’s be honest were gamers although we talk about originality and creativity we really want the same game we played last year just with a new story and some of the annoyances removed, how else can you explain why we keep buying Pokémon and call of duty when they are the same that we have been for nearly a decade now is some cases. While this is a good first person shooter is still got a bit to do before it can be consider great. The difficult on it ramps up just enough to keep it interesting and something as simple as allow your enemy to jump on ceilings and hide behind objects give this game a whole new level of strategy.

As well as the usual run and shoot mechanic that were all used to by now there is another mechanic. Throughout the progression of this story you slowly mutant in to one of the horde that you were sent to destroy. This originally starts off with you having the ability to move faster and kill enemies with your fists, it then develops into the ability to run faster and jump higher therefore enabling you to kill with far more efficiency and finally you gain the ability to infect other humans in the game, this isn’t a new feature in video games they have played the jackal and Hyde card before but like many borrowed features in this game like the story mode and other mechanics the game designers have taken their sweet time and made it work. Other games have rushed this feature but by having your abilities come as the game progresses give the impression that the main protagonist really is suffering from a mutation that is getting worse over time.

There a couple of things that happen in this game that really annoy me, firstly the fact that I have no choice about going into duel rifle mode and when I’m in duel rifle mode carrying two weapons you have no way to reload meaning that once you have despatched all the enemy you can’t reload in preparation for the next onslaught. The lack of reload ability would be fine but there is also no way to get rid of the gun which of course means that you are stuck with it until you run out of ammo. The game tries to compensate for this fact by constantly adding the bullets you have picked up to your ammo but this is only a stop gap for when you run out. This means that I have had to reload in the middle of a fire fight on one too many occasions for my liking and the majority of times I died were down to this simple oversight by the game designers and it’s caused me no end of frustration. This duel weapon system though is not the only fault with the weapons in this game, I have huge problem with the zoom in system in this game. I think that the game designer have gone for realism here over convenience and have designed a system were the sight is over to one side of the screen rather than the centre, this means that rather than looking at the centre of the screen I have to regularly change my focus from centre to the left taking my eye of the action at a possible crucial moment. The zoom in control is also located in the left trigger button a button that is normally associated with grenades throws or use of a secondary weapon but this doesn’t really become a nuisance until you have to use a sniper rifle for anything. In order to zoom in you have to keep the left trigger pressed down to fully zoom in but if you press it for too long the sight simply disengages and you have to start yet again. I’m not even going to tell you about the number of times the zoom has failed. While these things are merely annoyances they unfortunately do keep this good game from being a great game because let’s face it it’s the little things that make all the difference.

There is off course your usual array of multilayer options, team death match capture the flag etc and these are off course these are playable both online and offline. Off course this paragraph is completely useless because although there are people on Xbox live I highly doubt any of them will be playing this 8 year old game. I would talk about the at home multiplayer but unfortunately I am completely friendless in the gaming steaks but I’m pretty sure because of the game reviews I have read on this it a very generic experience. The sound design on area 51 is also quite generic and normal with the exception of the alien technology which buzzes around with such a satisfying whoosh that perfectly matches the beautiful sparkle that is the ammunition of the alien guns.

The whole reason I started project backlog for New Year was because I felt that I was missing out fantastic games and books and this game proves it. While this game is has a rather unoriginal storyline and graphics that have not aged well I still found myself engaged. I have spent the last week playing this game on and off and the length of this review is just testimony to how much I have enjoyed it. Although this game is by no means perfect it shows a level of polish and understanding from its developers that makes it a must have for any bargain hunting original Xbox players out there, something I’m sure that there are literally 10’s off. Although I have enjoyed this game the biggest thing I have learnt about this is that the sometimes the best things in life go unnoticed. Although this game was a big enough success to garner a sequel, something that I shall be purchasing when this is all over with. I don’t think the sequel did all that good thanks to some rather under A star games such as halo 3 and call of duty which let’s face it are nothing more than quick easy money makers most notable of these being the latter, which means that thanks to those games this quality series may be confined to the history books never to be heard of again which I think is a shame because if the company can keep making games of this quality then it’s a shame that people just aren’t buying them.

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