Cains brewery will have their day in court


So we recently reported about the closure of one of the local brewery’s here in Liverpool (here) and its only gotten worse, The owners of Cains are being wound up after the taxman secured a court order against them. This is just another blow for the ailing company who recently stopped production in Liverpool and has had its methods attacked by the unions.

This bad news comes not only on the heels of the plants closure, the union troubles but also the restructuring plans of the company. Cains had recently announced a 50 million plan to re purpose their plant and bring it up to modern standards, all while bringing shops, restaurants and improved pub facilities to an up and coming area in central Liverpool. This could slow down any potential plans the brewer had and would make the hashtag guys very sad, especially me who has a consolatory bottle of this companies beer in fridge ready for the day they get planning permission.

In the meantime Cains wanted to reassure people that they are still negotiating with another brewer to make their beer, although this is taking them along time and im struggling to find it at any of my locals, I’m starting to worry that Liverpool may have lost another vital institution.

In a letter to employees who lost their jobs Sudarghara Dusanj, managing director of RC Brewery, said:

“You will be aware that over recent weeks RC Brewery has been facing increasing financial difficulties.

While the board have been actively exploring all possible options in order to preserve and safeguard the future of the business, it has become apparent that the company is no longer economically viable or sustainable.”


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