Bath Ales relaunches Special Pale Ale – This time its in a bottle


Bath Ales has unveiled a brand new format for its popular Special Pale Ale, it will now be available in 330ml size, they hope this will tempt larger drinkers to try their premium bottled beer.

This is the first time that the beer has been bottled as previously it was only available for trade outlets as well as in micro casks, for those who prefer a tipple at home. These beers Can also be paired with certain foods, the Pale Ale for example apparently goes quiet well with fish.

Harding, sales director for Bath Ales, said: “This is the first time we’ve bottled our Special Pale Ale and there has already been a lot of interest from consumers and customers.

“Some people prefer to drink from smaller bottles so we wanted to try out this format to help us reach a new audience. Our Special Pale Ale is a full-flavoured beer with a wonderful golden colour, so whether drunk from a bottle or a glass, one taste is never enough.”

Mark added: “These new bottles are already proving popular with our on-trade outlets and we’ve seen high demand across the South West. A smaller bottle is often a popular choice at lunchtime and the low alcohol percentage of the beer (3.7%) makes our Special Pale Ale the perfect accompaniment with food. The plan is to secure broader distribution for the beer and the early signs are promising.”

This beer can be found at your local specialist beer shop across south wales.


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